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Franchisor Consultant Services


Who our franchise consultants can help…

Our franchise consulting services are primarily geared toward three markets:

Companies seeking to franchise a business, companies who are already franchising, and manufacturers selling through dealers or distributors.

  • Companies seeking to franchise a business for the first time. These clients will already have developed a successful prototype and are looking to expand through franchising.

  • Companies who are already franchising. These clients are looking to improve on an established franchise system, hire personnel, increase their operating efficiency, improve quality, or increase franchise sales effectiveness.

  • Manufacturers currently selling through dealers or distributors. The Expert Marketing Group has developed a proprietary system for helping these clients increase operational control, improve brand image, and increase product sales.


1)      Helps in establishing various stores/offices in Amritsar and all over Punjab.


2)      Providing help in the old set-up of units for improving their turnover/services.


3)     Giving various types of consultancy to market, Office Set-up, Filing, Official Correspondence, Banking set-up, maintenance of Office Books, Formatting/Editing/Translation in Multi-language, arranging local tie-up w.r.t. Property, Solutions & Hotels/Taxi Services.


4)      Arranging meetings with several new and reputed entrepreneurs/Stack Holders of different locations.


5)      Arrange Mystery Shopper for the organizations to get the actual feedback.


6)      Conducting ATL/BTL activities.


7)      To help the organization know the various cultures of the cities to get acquaintances with the local atmosphere.


8)      Arranging Bank Loans and Finance to companies/small scale business with documentation.


9)      Arranging in settlement of companies claim from Insurance Companies and other departments.


10)  Providing consultancy for individuals to start-up new ventures.

How We Are Different

When you hire a franchise consulting firm, the first question you should ask is, “Who specifically will be working on my project and what are their backgrounds?”  Because ultimately you are hiring people, not a firm, to help you reach your goals.  What difference does a firm’s client list make, if the people who are actually doing the work are still wet behind the ears?


Stated simply, the Expert Marketing Group has the most experienced franchise consultants.  Period.

We would urge you to compare the bios of our top franchise consultants to anyone in the industry.  Individual consultants may have some good experience, but no sole practitioner can hope to match the breadth of experience offered by our team.  And while some of the “packaging houses” may have more people, you do not have to dig very deep to find that these people have little experience in the real world of franchising.

The hands-on, no-nonsense approach of the Expert Marketing  Group comes from the real-world experience of its team members. Our best franchise consultants have held senior management positions at companies. Our recommendations aren’t based on what we’ve learned from textbooks, but from our decades of experience building some of the world’s most successful franchise companies.

Individualized Approaches

We provide customized strategies designed to maximize your unique strengths, to work within your available resources, to seize available opportunities, and to achieve your specific objectives. Franchising is far too complex to lend itself to a checkbox approach.  It requires creativity and individual solutions geared toward achieving specific strategic objectives.

Strategic Focus + Implementation Assistance

Sole practitioners will often tout their strategic focus.  But at the Expert Marketing Group, we understand that trying to implement a strategy without effective tools and tactics is like trying to win the Indy 500 without a steering wheel.  Make no mistake.  The Expert  Marketing Group is the leader in franchise strategic planning. Our franchise consultants have worked with some of the top ranked companies in the world and with many of the nation’s leading franchisors. But at the Expert Marketing Group, we go a step further.  We provide you with the tools you will need to succeed and then help you to implement those carefully crafted plans.

In addition to winning strategies, we provide:

  • Operations Manuals, Training Manuals, and Training Videos to help you achieve Quality Control

  • Marketing and Lead Generation Plans to optimize your advertising budget

  • Creative Materials, Brochures, and Franchise Sales Videos that create excitement with your prospective franchisees

  • Sales Audits, Customized Sales Strategies, and Sales Training to help maximize your growth

  • Web-based Solutions to franchise marketing, franchise communications, and franchise quality control ranging from Web Sites to extranets to Streaming Videos

  • And numerous additional services and hands-on assistance in the growth of your franchise system

At the Expert Marketing  Group, we cannot afford Ivory Tower solutions that are impossible to implement.  We live with the results of our strategic recommendations every day.

Client Selectivity

The Expert Marketing Group accepts a limited number of clients in any given year. We do not want to work with the most clients.  We only want to work with the best clients.  We are dedicated to long-term relationships with increasingly successful clients.


Consultancy Roadmaps Built from Expertise

Having 20+ years of experience in the world of franchising, we wish to train energetic and passionate people to become certified franchise consultants in India. Most importantly it is not easy to be a franchise consultant. With our expert know-how  and consulting background we will train you, right from understanding the nuances of franchising to winning your clients. Moreover, franchisors and franchisees who are seeking franchise consultants, can find the best one’s here.