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Samarjeet Singh (CEO & Business Influencer –Expert Marketing Store)

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MIG 16 GF Mall Mandi Flats, Grand Trunk Rd, Amritsar, Punjab 143001

I would like to introduce myself as Samarjeet Singh (CEO & Business Influencer –Expert Marketing Store). We are a newly start-up company which is into the following services which I can offer to cater any kinds of business or administrative work.

We would like to introduce ourselves as a team comprising many eminent people of the city and well-qualified people with the qualification of M.B. A/M.Sc. with experience of having served in different organizations like Banks, Insurance, Aviation, Tourism, and travelled/lived all over India and abroad. We belong to Kolkata and living in Amritsar (Punjab) for the last 20years owning a newly start-up Consultancy in the above name Expert Marketing (


We provide excellent business opportunities to organizations that are willing either to start new operations in Punjab or planning to expand their existing business also if facing difficulty in day to day working of their units. Our firm also helps companies in attaining their profitability/revenue by providing several types of services. 

How I can be Beneficial to the Company and to myself –Proposal.


As already mentioned above regarding my consultancy I would request for a proposal to the company in which we will be putting across marketing activities in India through Digital Media just a Pilot Project and provide you leads which came across Pan India which your good self can forward to their respective agencies for closer.


Here I want to add that we know that your Co. will already be having much better marketing strategies much better than us in Digital Media but your good self can try our services with a very minimal cost (negotiable) if the project fails still, there will not be loss and I am pretty confident that I will be closing good number of leads and generating business revenue.


Here I would also want to make a note that if the above-mentioned leads are closed your Co. can provide us with some margin as per other dealer standards if the project is not successful you can terminate our contract.


I would request once again to please re-look into the proposal and obliged. It will be a sure shot winning pilot project and beneficial to the company.


All our conditions are negotiable and depend upon the quantum of work allotted and the reputation of clients.

We bring the power of insight to every
great professional decision.

Expert Marketing offers a range of solutions, all designed around the practical needs of businesses in India. Our experts translate their experience into resources and professional consulting services that will help businesses be compliant, solve complications and realise new opportunities.


Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a person who provides support services to a business from a remote location. Administrative tasks are most common for virtual assistants, but they may also assist with any other elements required by the business.


1)      Organize correspondence and answer emails for clients.


2)      Prepare and organize databases and reports.


3)      Manage social media accounts and replies.


4)      Handle confidential employer and client information.


5)      Take notes or transcribe meetings.


6)      Schedule meetings and arrange employer’s calendar; schedule meeting spaces and conference rooms.


7)      Arrange payments for vendors, travel, and sales expenses.


8)      Create purchase orders and track and management payments.


9)      Present excellent customer-service skills to customers and clients.


10)    Manage filing systems, update records, and organize documentation.


11)     Prepare and create PowerPoint presentations and materials as needed; research materials and sources for presentations.

12)    Help Companies gain a new market segment with help of social media platforms.

13)    Create effective lead base and work according to the profitability.

14)    Help companies in Funnel Marketing.

Business Consulting

A business consultant is a professional who provides professional or expert advice in a particular area such as security, management, accountancy, law, human resources, marketing (and public relations), finance, engineering, science, digital transformation or any of many other specialized fields.



1)      Business Consultant to help our clients reform their operations and support their business by providing intuitive guidance. You will be an important ally to every organization who wants to invest in change and improvement and needs help where and how. You will also undertake projects on behalf of the client’s business when it lacks resources or motive to perform them in-house.


2)      Organizing and executing assigned business projects on behalf of clients according to the client’s requirements


3)      Meeting with assigned clients when needed and assess a problematic situation


4)      Collecting information about the client’s business through a variety of methods (shadowing, interviews, surveys, reading reports, etc.)


5)      Organize and execute assigned business projects on behalf of clients (recruiting, payroll, promotional campaigns, etc.) according to the client’s requirements


6)      Meet with assigned clients when needed and assess a problematic situation


7)      Collect information about the client’s business through a variety of methods (shadowing, interviews, surveys, reading reports, etc.)


8)      Analyze and interpret data to unearth weaknesses and problems, and comprehend the causes 


9)      Plan recommendations and solutions with attention to a client’s wishes, capabilities, and limitations forming concise reports


10)  Present findings and suggestions to clients with ample justification and practical advice


11)  Develop detailed business plans to drive small or radical changes


12)  Assist the client in implementing the plan and resolve any occasional discrepancies


13)  Provide guidance for any occurring problems and issues


Franchisor Consultant

As more and more businesses begin franchising, it can become difficult to market and grow. Luckily, franchising consultants work to ensure franchise growth and development. Many franchise consultant firms are beginning to pop up all over the world and there is a big reason for it. Franchises like Transworld have cornered a niche in the market of a franchise opportunity for franchising.


1)      Helps in establishing various stores/offices in Amritsar and all over Punjab.


2)      Providing help in the old set-up of units for improving their turnover/services.


3)     Giving various types of consultancy to market, Office Set-up, Filing, Official Correspondence, Banking set-up, maintenance of Office Books, Formatting/Editing/Translation in Multi-language, arranging local tie-up w.r.t. Property, Solutions & Hotels/Taxi Services.


4)      Arranging meetings with several new and reputed entrepreneurs/Stack Holders of different locations.


5)      Arrange Mystery Shopper for the organizations to get the actual feedback.


6)      Conducting ATL/BTL activities.


7)      To help the organization know the various cultures of the cities to get acquaintances with the local atmosphere.


8)      Arranging Bank Loans and Finance to companies/small scale business with documentation.


9)      Arranging in settlement of companies claim from Insurance Companies and other departments.


10)  Providing consultancy for individuals to start-up new ventures.